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How we view luxury is changing. We have finally come to understand that money can not buy health, happiness, or peace of mind. Our food is one of the cornerstone's of our joy and health. Our wellbeing is the ultimate luxury in this life and  food is the sacred medicine. From the sourcing, to prayers while cooking, and the presentation of our creations, we teach intentionality and show how to infuse sweetness into the food we select, make and eat. Food brings healing to ourselves and others. Recipes are easy to follow and can be easily learned. However, the ingredients of joy and love are the less tangible but essential elements of food preparation and eating. Come and learn a new way of cooking, eating and living with Food|Joy @The People's Food Revolution.


Hedda Moye Leonardi


A fearless food|joy alchemist

 Australia born Hedda's quest to demystify and en-joy food, beauty and wellbeing started at the age of 19. Over the past 40 years she has found herself in the four corners of the world cooking up a storm for celebrities, eating, sharing and laughing while making documentaries, contributing to the world’s most prestigious magazines, teaching yoga, travelling with her musician husband or venturing into the sacred turf of French cuisine.  She has shared her deep knowledge of plant-based cooking in luxury hotels, private members clubs,  culinary Institutes, yoga space throughout the world and in private kitchens.

She knows that food is medicine and that when we cook, we generate the frequency of the food we eat. Consciousness and food go hand in hand. 

Hedda understands that our bodies know exactly what they need to keep us feeling and looking great and that it starts in our own backyard.

And finally she believes that there is far too much white noise out trying to make us all feel confused about who we are and what is good for us.

Her no-fear style of teaching and sharing takes her around the globe to spread the knowledge and wisdom of natural food and our own body’s ability to take care of it-Self.

Hedda and her husband Ced operate Los Angeles' only plant-based hotel in Bel Air, California.

You Are What You Eat


Plant-based is sexy food. It tastes as yummy as it looks. We share our secrets, all the options and give you the confidence to make and create simple, beauitful food.


Its now possible to enjoy delicious food that looks the same as its non- plantbased cousins, but actually tastes better and  contributes to healing the world. Its not a big step.


So many protein alternatives now exist  to excite the palate. We make it easy for you to explore alternatives and enjoy  options which satisfy those not ready for plant-based. This creates a bridge for us all.


The world is turning vegan. Even the croissants are  available plant-based! Can you imagine? Now that the French are turning plant-based watch out for new levels of gourmet plant-based cuisine. 


White processed sugar is a drug responsible for any illnesses. There are so many alternatives to this poison. We show you how to make the yummiest desserts which enhance, rather than deplete health.


The 'cherry on top' is how you look and feel. Lighter, happier and kinder. We can create the world we all want to live in. This is a world of non-judgement,compassion. and unlimited joy. Ready to feel the love with Food|Joy?

Consider the Source

The Seed

The Farmworkers

The Seed


"What happens to the seed affects the web of life. When seed is living, regenerative and diverse, it feeds pollinators, soil organisms and animals - including humans. When seed is non-renewable, bred for chemicals, or genetically engineered with toxic Bt or Roundup Ready genes, diversity disappears.

Organic seeds and organic farming do not just protect human health; they protect the health and wellbeing of all."  Vandana Shiva

The Farm

The Farmworkers

The Seed


"Imagine if we had a food system that actually produced wholesome food. Imagine if it produced that food in a way that restored the land. Imagine if we could eat every meal knowing these few simple things: What it is we’re eating. Where it came from. How it found its way to our table. And what it really cost. If that was the reality, then every meal would have the potential to be a perfect meal. We would not need to go hunting for our connection to our food and the web of life that produces it. We would no longer need any reminding that we eat by the grace of nature, not industry, and that what we’re eating is never anything more or less than the body of the world." Michael Pollen

The Farmworkers

The Farmworkers

The Delivery Chain


Farmworkers work hard work to keep fresh food coming. Fair Trade and Fair Profit are powerful ways to make  everyday choices translate to life-changing impact for farmers, and workers.

"Professional farmworkers who know how to do a number of different jobs, whether it be pruning or picking or crafting, they see themselves as professionals, and they take a lot of pride in that work. They don't see themselves as doing work that is demeaning." Dolores Huerta

The Delivery Chain

You and your Feelings

The Delivery Chain


The Chef and Cooking

You and your Feelings

You and your Feelings


You and your Feelings

You and your Feelings

You and your Feelings


Consulting Services

The Plant-based Kitchen

Kitchens are now offering plant-based menu options but fall short on presenting a creative offering based on palate, science and trends. This is sometimes due to chef bias but generally lack of true comprehension of the needs and motivations of the plant-based guest.  Our service decodes plant-based menu planning and the deeper ecology that underpins it . We cover food culture, the philosophical and spiritual implications, global trends and kitchen necessities to deliver exceptional vegan cuisine. A hotelier herself,  and luxury marketing strategist, Hedda has taught plant-based cuisine and lifestyle to luxury hotels and cooking institute and private clubs, chefs and individuals. She has trained hundreds of people to cook and enjoy plant-based  food at its most delicious level , building confidence and joy.


Services include teaching practicum for chefs. While traditionally trained chefs are able to create plant-based menus, there is a tangible difference in the ideas and the execution of plant-based cuisine. Food design, beauty and form has  a more voluptuous expression and a freedom from conventional rules. On the other hand, sustainability, biodynamics and health in cooking give tremendous food for thought. The nutritional aspect of plant-based food is both practical and esoteric and we share our knowledge for 30 years of hands on training around the world.


Our consultancy is a bespoke service informed by  culture, geography, skill and environment. We welcome enquiries on  tel: + 1 310 5679132 


Food is God personified

Aham Vaishvānaro Bhutvā
 Prāñinām Ḍehamāshritaha

Prāñāpāna Samāyuktah
 Pachāmyannam Chaturvidham

Prayer is a beautiful way to reconnect with the spirit of food and its medicine. Cooking and eating with a serene and thankful mind directly connects us to food as nourishment on many levels. 

If we offer our food to Source/God it becomes a consecrated offering. Prayer cleanses the food of it 'impurities -  it transmutes any absence of cleanliness of the vessel, absence of cleanliness of the food product, and an impurity in the process of cooking. Put simply, everything is connected and  pure food goes into the making of a pure mind. It is not possible to ensure the purity of the cooking process because we do not know what thoughts that rage in the mind of the personwho prepares the food. Similarly, how can we truly ensure the cleanliness of the food ingredients  - we do not know whether it was acquired in a righteous way by the person who sold it to us. , If we offer food to God in the form of prayer we ensure that  we do not poison our mind. 


We Recommend





The queen of the blenders. A high-powered and indispensable partner in your plant-based lifestyle. This workhorse is our secret weapon.





Cusinart takes the heavy-lifting out of chopping, shredding and mixing pretty much everything. Second only to the Vitamix its a wonderful companion



Ancient Cookware


Vitaclay has created a set-and-forget steaming , slow-cooking and yogurt making system which is incredible. Terracotta pots guarantees good health

Ancient Cookware

Japanese Pottery Net

Ancient Cookware


It was not so long ago that our ancestors knew the value of earthenware pots for cooking. Our health and wellbeing are dependent upon them.

Japanese Pottery Net

Japanese Pottery Net

Japanese Pottery Net


The frequency of our serving wares often emphasizes aesthetics over balance and wellbeing. Artisanal crafts people who understand  the  true value of their goods. This changes our relationship with food.


Japanese Pottery Net

Japanese Pottery Net


One of the leaders in the anti-plastic movement, Bambu has been helping us to reduce our use and reliance on plastics. The alternative is beautiful, non-toxic products made from nature.


We are here to serve you. Looking forward to connecting with you!



Bel Air, Los Angeles, California 90077, United States

Los Angeles: 1 (310) 567-9132 Japan: 81 90 - 3717- 2772