Dateline: SYDNEY 1980. When I started juicing back in the day with Norman Walker’s Juice Fast Book in hand, I was considered…WEIRD.

Taking my juicer to the Narara Music Festival in Australia I was in the V.I.P tent section reporting for my MUSICK column in Track Surfing magazine, juicing up a storm of very worthy yet admittedly horrible  formulas to save my liver and my soul.


Fast Forward to 2015 and the juice explosion is full bloom as witnessed at the  natural foods expo alternative to Disneyland, EXPO WEST. 

This year was a giddying array of really dedicated natural fooders, many pioneers, exceptionally creative natural product producers and rather more than a few dubious inclusions, all under one roof thanks to NEW HOPE MEDIA. Hats off and a big WOW to this Colorado Company for growing this category and not a Monsanto seed in sight.

I have no doubt the New Hope Media  considered it best to judge (smart and very non-dualistic of them) who and what fits in under the category of Natural Products. 

I am happy to hear that Coca Cola is buying SUJA ( whose owners include Leonardi di Caprio and Sofia Vergara) which means fresh pressed  juice is going to be available in every gas station across America. The People’s Food Revolution LIVES lol! Juicers are no longer weirdos.

However Fairlife Milk does not fit into the Natural Category for me. Nor does every and ANY product using CANE SUGAR. Nor does every alternative milk which considers “TASTE PROFILING” more important that NATURAL, REAL, UNADULERATED, SUPPLEMENT FREE.  Why are we so often intent on attempting to improve on nature? Is Marley Coffee really a natural food??

I have material for DAYS however I want to give a shout out to my STAND OUTS from the 4 days FEST starting with my absolute favorites:

My husband is thrilled that Vitamix have made a personal blender that fits into my hand luggage



Vitamix have done it again. If I was to have to pick the five things that I can not live without, my Vitamix is No.3. Now I no longer have to carry the motherlode when I travel. Until luxury hotels and resorts WISE UP and give us a smoothie butler and put a VITAMIX in every room, this WILL be my newest traveling companion.



Wow, wow, wow. Delicious, healthful ramen at your fingertips


As much as many producers of natural foods  try to convince us otherwise, many products are actually SIMPLY NOT HEALTHY. And “raw food” – which is now a huge fad on the planet ( as opposed to uncooked food in its natural state, what a concept!!) does not work for everyone. Know Thy Self. However as life speeds up we are challenged with making healthy choices in less time and having less time to cook and eat. Enter the most genius healthful solution….FORBIDDEN RICE RAMEN. This IS the best ramen in the the known universe.


Yep they really do work


There are actually only three ingredients that you need to entirely clean your house, clothes and dishes. These are the ONLY guaranteed non toxic products that you can formulate yourself: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, VINEGAR, BICARBONATE OF SODA. I have just added one more: ECONUTS. These are actually tree nuts that produce soapy suds that ACTUALLY CLEAN YOUR LAUNDRY and take out stains. 4-5 nuts can be used for up to 10 laundry loads. Amazing.




HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT is the only salt you will ever need. More on this in a future blog but go out there and get informed. Congratulations Hayden and Evolution Salt!




WATER AND SALT. ALL YOU’LL EVER NEEDI am still trying to figure out if Evolution Salt has the monopoly on global  HIMALAYAN salt distribution. Since Salt and Water are the simplest solutions to most symptoms of ill health, I don’t mind if they take over the world. I will be writing a whole blog on this subject soon but in the mean time check out this book and go buy some salt from EVOLUTION

MORE FAB FAVES tomorrow…



Luxury is being redefined.

We still seem to enjoy placing additional value on designer brands, restaurants,hotels, spas, cars and bars.

But more of us are waking up,  getting the gag and losing the programming.

The things that money can’t buy are truly the only things that matter.

Recently three Rajasthan musicians from our Gypsy Sound Revolution project stayed at our house.

Nehru and CedManjoor, Nehru and Dilawar  got up before sunrise and prayed.

They sang all day long and were always ready to sing and play some more.

They made fresh lentils and chapati everyday in the kitchen, at the same hour and enjoyed one meal a day.

They drank a small cup of tea twice a day.

They never complained.

They were always thankful.

They were truly in service to love and music.

Watching them at work , in the kitchen and at play I learnt some very important lessons:

  • There is NOTHING more delicious than eating food cooked by your own hands
  • Unless you can be VERY SURE that the chef cooking your meal, is cooking with LOVE, DON’T EAT THE FOOD. Who would ever want to eat food cooked by angry chefs… e.g. Gordon Ramsay
  • Growing your own food is the ultimate luxury.
  • Your body is always giving you signals on the food it needs and what is does not want to eat. The Rajasthani boys knew unequivocally what flour was the best for their chapatis, what ghee was no good and which veggies were fresh picked. They could tell living water from all of our zombified trendy waters ( more on this next issue)
  • Less is more. The body does not need more supplements, trendy super foods and extracted minerals, vitamins etc, it needs more WHOLEFOODS and less food delivered less often
  • You are what you eat, what you think and what you do
  • Getting up early and praying is the best medicine
  • Eating your last meal of the day before 6pm is a luxury.
  • If you can not breathe properly nothing else matters.
  • The only LUXURY is your health, happiness and doing what you love. PeriodManjoor and Dilawar





Blend, Spend, Defend…

Its been an inspiring time out there in food-land. Things are hotting up.






BLEND The Blender Girl launched her book at a Kundalini Yogic Institute called RA MA in Venice recently and asked everyone to take off their shoes at the door. A few interesting moments ensued as tall statuesque women suddenly became manageable in height. It was a great leveler – literally. And the Institute’s dynamic driving force Guru Jugat gave us a taste of Mantra to complement the recipe tasting. SPEND The goodie bag included the genius and classy transform-a-mason-jar-into-a-drinking-jar aka the ECO JARZ (see above). WOW. What a great invention, which simplicity is the mother of. Congratulations Eco Jarz for that one! DEFEND Los Angeles Magazine just published it verdict on the Top 75 restaurants in LA for 2014. I’d like to know what their criteria are. Its great to be living in the land of choice. But I wonder if they considered the following since these are almost more important that interesting recipes and ambiance:

  1. Are the chefs of the chosen restaurants loving happy people who create a great environment in their kitchens so the food is cooked with love?
  2. Are the staff working in these restaurants honored for the role they play and treated as part of a family?
  3. Is the food from organic non-GMO sources?
  4. Do the farm animals killed for our gourmet dining pleasure have a resume? Do our chefs know how  they lived? And how they died?
  5. Are the materials used to construct and decorate the restaurants chosen made from sustainable and non toxic sources?

I welcome any other criteria that you feel is important to determine which restaurants really deserve the title of BEST. Lets get real here!!!



The Book: The RAWvolution Continues



Join the RAWvolution

If you choose to uplevel your food choices to include a little more RAW in your life don’t  ever feel like you have to condemn yourself to the austerity of life in a food nunnery. Its quite exciting what they are doing with this vegan, raw food these days. One of the inspirations out there at the moment is RAWVOLUTION which is the love child of Janabai and Matt Amsden.

More than a cookbook, RAWvolution is the indispensable, all-inclusive guide to the many powerful benefits of raw food and all the illuminaries in whose footsteps we follow. The delish recipes are organized by type, level of difficulty, and what equipment, if any, is necessary in their creation.

You can do it! This book is totally accessible to  beginners. And there will be no sacrifices in favour of “worthy” food. The passes The People’s Food Revolution’s “Only Eat Awesome” manifesto


High Frequency Food Atelier @ THE PEOPLE’S FOOD REVOLUTION


What is Beauty? What is Health?

What is happiness, or serenity? Is there a commonality between these questions, and do they even matter? Each one of us has our own answer. For me, I can’t help but be in absolute awe – at the rocky high desert that is uniquely Colorado, at the incredible and wise goddesses (and princes) in my life; at my mildly subversive and incredibly open-hearted teenage boys; at the pure bliss I feel in beloved’s arms – and my answer is that they are all one in the same. When I practice self-love, I feel profound health and serenity, which enables me to dwell in a state of utter enchantment at life’s blessings.

The flower – what is its purpose? How did a thing of such beauty come to be? How could something so seemingly impractical, something ostensibly placed before us for the simple and pure pleasure of its existence, thrive for 140 million years (and counting)? it must be doing something right…

We are, each of us, ambrosial flowers. We embody divine beauty. We are no less fragrant, no less ravishing than the most breathtaking flower. Who are we to not cherish and nurture, and yes, even revel in that?

Whether or not you can see that you are a divine flower, breathing tendrils of love, beauty, compassion and harmony to those around you, the flowers can see you. You need only open an essential oil vial and inhale, or slather the nectar of a seed onto your skin, to realize how intertwined botanicals are to radiant health, beauty and serenity.

Our skin is a protective filtration system, one that wraps around the package of our appearance. Partaking of the miraculous alchemy between botanicals and humans is one path to luminous skin. Health-giving, biocompatible “foods,” such as organic fatty oils (such as argan, pomegranate and borage seed) and wild crafted and organic essential oils like helichrysum and carrot seed nourish the skin to radiant health, inside and out. Unlike so many contemporary “beauty” treatments, the benefits of botanicals are far more than skin deep, as they then nourish other tissues, organs, and systems. Our internal health is then mirrored back out through our skin.

Does the flower shrink and deny its exquisite nature? Does the flower find its magnificence to be superficial or less sacred than any other manifestation of the divine?

We are now being called upon to more consciously nurture our planet, our beloveds and, perhaps more radically, ourselves. Be open to the possibility that aligning with enlightened plant medicine will lead to more harmonious existence. Be open to the possibility that beauty and inspired self-care, practiced as ceremony, will enrich you beyond measure and will call forth healing and transformation.

YOU are the manifestation of divine beauty. Embody it.








SKIN FOOD by Judy Godec


Health + Beauty … at what cost?

The cruel irony of the beauty industry is that most products are designed to give the appearance of health, when in fact the glows and glistens they provide are often detrimental to our health.   The intimate, kissably close world of beauty and skin care is overrun by many of the same companies that make harsh household detergents and toxic cleaning agents, and guess what – their ingredient lists are often remarkably similar. Why? Because it’s cheaper to add a slippery petrochemical bi-product than it is a high quality, perishable organic ingredient.  We’re talking everything from everyday drugstore lip gloss all the way up to Dr. So-and-so “medical” lines with their extravagant claims, or the most exclusive high end department store brands. The worst part is these beauty companies are not required by law to disclose their toxic ingredients.  They can simply put the word “fragrance” on the ingredient list, for example, and thereby happily wash their hands of a host of known cancer-causing, neurotoxic, hormone disrupting agents employed to tart up perfumes, cosmetics, and skin care products. Did you ever wonder how it is that your skin care products have a shelf life that rivals Twinkies?

Compound exposures = BIG problem. How could a “gentle” face wash contain potentially dangerous ingredients?  Here’s how: Cosmetic companies often place inexpensive ingredients with known dangers (like parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, lead (yes, lead!)) in their products in supposedly “safe” levels.  This cynical strategy completely ignores the fact that when that same application (like washing your face) is repeated daily for an entire year, the ingredient builds up and is stored in adipose tissue (like our breasts) at anything but safe levels.   To that add the environmental toxins which we move among on a daily basis, and it becomes clearer why allergies are rampant; why breast and reproductive cancer is on the rise; and why more children have neurological disorders and suffer from juvenile cancers than ever before.

Can I afford to care? YES!  This is one area where the answer is quite literally at hand.  Do we want you to fill your cabinet with Venus & Vetiver products?  Yes, we do, but it’s more important to us that you take care of yourself.  When your budget doesn’t allow the full complement of botanical formulae, you can still take good care of your skin, simply and organically.  The trick with natural products is efficacy- so many (present company excluded) don’t seem to have a noticeable effect.  Food products bought straight from the market shelf – things like eggs, avocados, honey, shea butter, castile soap, olive leaf extract, and vitamin e – can be used to great effect, and tide your skin over without having to resort to toxic, ineffective alternatives. In fact, those three aisles at the supermarket designed to make you think you need a different colored plastic bottle for every body part? You don’t have to go down them anymore.

Email us at if you have particular questions about food as body care (this includes hair, teeth, face, you name it….)

A Course Correction. We can decide what to put on our (and our children’s) bodies.  It requires us to educate ourselves a bit more, and to come to the realization that nobody is going to take care of our good health but US.    You don’t have to become a vigilante, but you could decide that you won’t put anything on your skin that is unpronounceable. To go a step further, you could commit yourself to bringing about your own good health by putting products in and on your body that actually SUPPORT good health.

We are passionately committed to aligning with plant medicine to make health and beauty synonymous.